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He was born in June 2010, just two months after Steve Jobs had released the first Apple i Pad.For most of his life, our household has contained four touch-screen devices: Katie and I each have an i Pad and an i Phone. Today, one in three infants uses an i Pad before they are able to talk. There are at least 40,000 children's games available in i Tunes.'In the old days, 2½ years was considered the floor at which a child could use a mouse and keyboard and therefore work a computer,' says Warren Buckleitner, editor of Children's Technology Review.This is the terrifying moment a man is gored by a raging bull - because he was too busy filming on his i Pad to see it coming.

It includes five key indicators: showing a lack of interest in other activities, constantly talking about technology, displaying mood swings, withdrawal symptoms and devious behaviour. Long-shunned puzzles, train sets and even the occasional book were pulled from dusty shelves. The demands for the device became fewer and further between.

We began to believe there might be light at the end of the technology tunnel.

After that, we slowly re-introduced the i Pad, but in a controlled fashion. The volume and brightness setting on its screen was always turned down, so as to make it less invasive, and noisy apps that encourage bad behaviour were withdrawn.'The i Pad is actually very sharable,' she told me.

The animal tosses him into the air, causing him to flip over and land painfully on the concrete.

It then butts the man's head and chest until a brave spectator manages to divert the bull's attention using his sweatshirt.

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