Libra female and cancer male dating

Since you're both loving, nurturing, romantic and peace loving art lovers, you will find a natural affinity with each other.

However, Cancer is possessive, jealous and broody which will dampen your Libra spirits in no time as Libras (remember the social butterlfy part? Libras make excellent talkers and debaters while Cancer, when cornered, will retreat into their shell in passive-aggressive silence and not come out for weeks or months, which will drive Libra up the wall.

Even, if you lack the perfect combination of dress and of course fragrance.

You will have a good range of fragrances in your wardrobe -one for every occasion. It is possible for you to get attracted to femininity and beauty of Libran woman soon and she may fall for your emotional and sensitive nature.

But watch out being an airy she is brainier and can defeat you in brain game.Their shells make them feel safe from a world of cruel remarks, criticisms and mind games, although with Cancer's moods they're guilty of inflicting a few mind trips themselves!Cancer men, like all Water Signs, are natually romantic, artistic and nurturing--this, my dear Libra, is where you and your Cancer man will bond.Libras absolutely HATE chaos, confrontations, and drama (unless they caused the drama, then it's acceptable), which they're apt to do because Libras are natural contrarians.Libras are symbolized by the Scales and can see every angle of every situation, but sometimes they will often play Devil's advocate just to get a juicy debate out of you.

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Don’t drive when you are in bad mood that can make you a reckless driver.

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