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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Then again, it has only been about 2 or so weeks, since you started dating. No offense, but a bottle of wine isn't something memorable.100 dollars for dinner? You can take her to the mall to walk around and look at things this week.

So here's the story: Our first meet turned into a date, and so we count that as our first date. We just became exclusive this past week, and her birthday is two weeks from today. Here's my idea so far: Take her to a nice dinner (~0 for the two of us) and get her a card. We haven't been dating for long, so I don't want to go overboard, but I also don't want to come across as Mr. I also got her a wine bottle and a card for christmas, and she didn't get me anything. She is a woman and will say "this is cute" about ten times while you're window shopping.

Give her some flowers with a shitty little cutesy stuffed toy.OP - I am MORE concerned about you agreeing to be ""exclusive"" with her after one date than worrying about a birthday gift..being "exclusive"" her idea ?maybe she just wants to use that tag so she can lay down for youhave yall had sex yet ???DO: Get him a gift that’s reflective of something topical you’ve discussed. Get him a book of one of your favorite modern artists. Get him a new cooking gadget, a new cookbook you know he doesn’t have, or gift card to a specialty food store.DON’T: Get him something completely cliché like a tie if he wears jeans and tees to work, a baseball book if he hates sports, a universal remote for his TV, any sort of grilling apparatus, a box of golf balls, a power drill, a huge bag of “masculine” grooming essentials, or a subscription to the beer of the month club if you’ve never seen him drink beer.

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Go to the local grocery store and get some flowers while shes at the spa and have them on her seat when she gets in then take her to dinner..

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