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In this contribution the application of this technique to fourier decomposed (FD) proton pulmonary MRI is systematically investigated.

For this purpose several flip angle schemes were combined with centric k-space reordering in such a way that the center of k-space was acquired with a higher flip angle than the periphery.

Simultaneous mapping of blood flow, MTR asymmetry, and MTR in the whole brain was feasible with ALADDIN within a clinically reasonable time of CEST MRI is a relatively new contrast mechanism that is promising for clinical translation in a host of diseases including stroke, tumor and multiple sclerosis.

However, the conventional CEST MRI requires significant sequence development and is susceptible to field inhomogeneity-induced distortion at high field.

Great efficiencies can be achieved reducing cost, staff idle time and patient waiting time.

The variable flip angle approach for balanced steady-state free precession (b SSFP) imaging makes it possible to increase the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) while keeping the specific absorption rate (SAR) constant.

2DPSIF is a good alternative to T2 weighted TSE at 7T.

The myelin water fraction describes the proportion of the multi-exponential T2 decay in white matter originating from water trapped within the bi-layers of the myelin sheath.

This result is the first implementation of b-SSFP at very low magnetic field.However, the over-estimation of inversion efficiency, which was simulated according to pulse profile, may lead to under-estimation of T1.An improved sequence, MP3RAGE, was developed to acquire data at three distinct inversion times, taking inversion efficiency as a free parameter to estimate T1 relaxation time more accurately.Results suggest that changes in signal are more distinguishable on T2* GRE.We examined MR based OEF using spatial ICA of breath-hold PARSE acquisitions to determine the dynamic effects on brain oxygen absorbtion.

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