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Instead of preparing for his show, Aldous goes to the rooftop of the Standard Hotel, and calls Aaron, threatening to jump.Aaron rushes to the hotel and attempts to talk Aldous down.During their flight to Los Angeles, Aaron learns that Aldous has become depressed, as he misses his son and has been alienated from his own father, Jonathan (Colm Meaney), for years.Aaron suggests he visit him after the show; instead, Aldous insists they go to Las Vegas to see Jonathan.In 2009, British rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) releases an album and a titular single, "African Child", which is a commercial and critical failure. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) works as a talent scout at Pinnacle Records, a record company.

Daphne calls Aaron to apologize, only to learn that Aaron believes they broke up.

Sergio sends Aaron to London to escort Aldous to Los Angeles.

Daphne informs Aaron that she has received a job offer in Seattle and that they are moving there. Aaron meets Aldous and learns that he had not been expecting him, thinking that the concert was not for two months.

Aldous decides to perform at the Greek Theatre, even though Aaron pleads for him to go to the hospital.

Upon their arrival, Sergio offers Aaron drugs to give to Aldous so he will not cancel the concert. Aaron walks stage-side with Aldous, trying to convince him to go to the hospital.

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Sergio hooks up Aaron with a sexually violent girl, Destiny (Carla Gallo), who takes him to a hotel room and rapes him.

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