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“I think people are definitely excited about it.” In an email response to the Craigslist ad, the service said two strains of free cannabis – Blackberry Cream and Purple Trainwreck – were available for delivery to the Portland area.The pot is free, it says, but delivery charges vary based on both the volume and the strain.“(Marijuana) hasn’t been a high focus of attention for many years and that hasn’t changed at all, either.” While Malloch said his department hasn’t come across anyone giving away marijuana in exchange for donations, he said it is something his department would investigate.He would need to consult with the Maine Attorney General’s Office for guidance, he said.Maine voters legalized marijuana last November and the law took effect in January, but until the Legislature works through the extensive rule-making process, no one is licensed by the state to legally sell the drug.Licensed retailers are not expected to be up and running until February, at the earliest.But at least until next year, when the state plans to issue retail licenses, Sargent isn’t allowed to sell any of it.While marijuana use is now legal for adults 21 and over, selling it remains a crime and obtaining it without breaking the law is difficult.

Logan Fisher, who has been a medical marijuana caregiver in southern Maine for the past few years, said he started advertising his Leafy Delivery service – he’s since changed the name to Elevation – to gauge the demand for marijuana in the Portland area.

The limbo between legalized possession and legalized sales is leaving some locals and tourists frustrated and shifting the recreational drug from the black market into a new gray market, where entrepreneurs like Sargent are beginning to push the boundaries.

While Maine law enforcement agencies have yet to crack down on the practices, similar business ventures have been deemed illegal in other states.

NO TEST CASE YET IN MAINE The emergence of operations such as The Cannabis Shack and Leafy Delivery to fill the void isn’t unique to Maine.

Other states that legalized recreational marijuana also had a lag time before retail sales began, and officials in those states encountered – and shut down – businesses that advertised free marijuana for customers who were willing to pay for the bag it came in or pay for an unrelated product that would be delivered with the free weed.

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The Massachusetts public safety agency has urged district attorneys to investigate these types of transactions. Although searches of Craigslist and Facebook turned up The Cannabis Shack and Leafy Delivery, several Maine police officials said they have not seen those types of businesses.

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