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So show her you’re aware enough to protect the new connection.The last thing you want is for her to be exposed to gossip in the group just because you asked her out in front of all the others.That’s why it is so important that you focus your energy on that one special women who you are genuinely interested in, instead of aimlessly hitting on every person in the class.Cultivating a connection takes time; and connecting with more than one woman at the same time, especially in such a small group, won’t work.In case this was your plan, I am sorry to disappoint you.Approaching half of the present women during your first yoga session will only lead to annoyed or impatient yoginis who might even start to complain about you.Wait until the others are gone, or ask her during a break when you stand apart from the group.

I think yoga is awesome, and I'll be the first to get everyone to try it.Get to know her, find out what she is interested in outside of yoga.If you have the same interests, you should tell her that.Likewise, you’re not the guy who gives every girl in class a compliment, because you hope you get at least one phone number.You are a guy who knows that meeting women during yoga requires awareness, social intelligence and patience.

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