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While Chinese society leaves some space for the expression of gay identities, Cheng said, the lack of legislation protecting gay rights combined with popular attitudes can put gay relationships out in the cold.The Changsha study authors said the scarcity of sexual education programs fans popular notions that homosexuality is unhealthy.With many LGBT people keeping their sexuality secret from their families, friends and colleagues, it’s no surprise that Blued’s tagline is “no longer lonely.” A 2013 study of Chinese gay men in Hunan province’s ‘second tier’ city of Changsha found one in ten were married to women.One in three experienced abuse in their relationships, mostly from male partners.The research found that many of their male partners had threatened to out them when things got messy, while women who married gay men (or “gay wives”) used the threat to keep their partners from breaking up with them – an enormous loss of face.Kirin Liu says many stay on in abusive relationships “because they think it’s very difficult to find someone else.” He added that the choice to stay in gay relationships put a lot of pressure on many interviewees.

In a recent interview, another gay activist and scriptwriter Cheng Qingsong called for the inclusion of gay people in popular television dating show "You Are the One”.

Beijing-based gay activist and founder of NGO Queer Comrades, Xiao Gang is originally from Xinjiang, a sparsely-populated province - by Chinese standards - in the often restive northwest.“Social media can help a lot in small cities.

There are no gay bars, so you meet online,” he says.

Gang Le, who is gay and uses the app himself, says gay men and LGBT people in China’s so-called third and second tier cities make up 80% of the users.

But this statistic doesn’t surprise long-time followers of the gay scene here.

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