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From this bridgehead he opened negotiations with the Iberian nobility, the , and, by offering inducements and guaranteeing their hereditary rights, secured the formal submission (manifested in tributary payments) of all Iberia, apart from two highland areas held by the two branches of the royal family. By the end of 588 the military crisis had been surmounted.Within a very few years, as Iran was gripped by crisis, fighting on two fronts against the Romans in the west and the Turks in the north-east, he was recalled from Albania to his father’s side. The Romans had been fought to a standstill (a mutiny halted all offensive operations in 588).Uncertainty, however, surrounds Ḵosrow’s precise role in the events surrounding the deposition, blinding and later execution of his father.Sasanian sources dating from his reign could not be expected to be candid about so sensitive a matter.A significant success is credited to his governorship.When Bakur, king of Iberia (Georgia), died, leaving children who were minors, Ḵosrow’s jurisdiction was enlarged to include two Iberian districts, Ran and Movakan, which neighbored Albania.The official version of these events, as transmitted by the places Ḵosrow in Azerbaijan at the time of the coup, thus distancing him from the mutilation of his father.

The principal extant history of the period, written in Armenia in the early 650s, was appropriately entitled (Ps.-Sebeos, p. He is rightly accorded a great deal of space in the ), the last harsh phase of his rule, his deposition and execution.Ḵosrow’s troops were, without doubt, greatly outnumbered but managed to hold their own in a series of small engagements. It became increasingly plain that his cause was lost, that eventually an assault would succeed.Royal propaganda made much of Ḵosrow’s involvement in the fighting and attributed feats of valor to him. The decision was taken that he should leave and seek asylum in the Roman empire., whose realm was destroyed in 557 by Ḵosrow I in alliance with the new great power of central Asia, the Turkish khaganate.His mother belonged to one of the great aristocratic families, the Aspābaḏ (see ) from Parthia.

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Simocatta, writing at the climax of his later war against the Romans, was far from objective.

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