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She suggested we find somewhere to talk if I felt up to it and reassured me she wasn’t upset our plans had changed. My doctors prescribed half a dozen medications and told me to increase my salt and water intake. I struggled for years, before I was referred to specialists at Cleveland Clinic when I was nearly 25.

My new doctors had a better understanding of my illness, and soon I did too.

The cold sweat dripping from my forehead made it feel like I hadn’t even taken a shower.

Though I had considered canceling our date, I opted not to.

It was affirming in ways I can’t begin to describe.

Dizziness, nausea, chronic fatigue, fainting, brain fog, and pain are just a few of the possible symptoms. I’ve been accused of being drunk or high when really I’m grappling with POTS symptoms.

After coming out, I was eager to explore my attraction to women but quickly realized that I had no clue how to date, let alone find bisexual and lesbian women.

I couldn’t just assume that basically every woman I ran into was queer the way I’d assumed pretty much every guy I wanted to date was straight.

Where before I’d revealed my POTS to potential partners with trepidation, after college I started finding a way to bring it into the conversation just to see how they’d react.

Most of the time, whether I mentioned it online or in person, it was essentially that they’d disappear.

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