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All couples have external problems that affect their relationship, and all healthy couples find ways to work through those problems.Your main focus should not be on your boyfriend’s mom, or his relationship with his mother.The only one who makes you feel anything is you – by the way that you interpret a past event to yourself.” If you keep your boyfriend’s mother’s toxic, negative vibes alive by feeding them with thoughts and energy, then you will continue to have a negative and unhealthy relationship with her.This is a classic tip for coping with your boyfriend’s mother because it often works. Here’s how to stop your boyfriend’s mother from causing problems and ruining your relationship with the man you love.I was inspired to write this article by a reader who loves her boyfriend, but is struggling with his family members.If you’ve ever tried to break a habit or change something about yourself, you know how hard it is!want to make these changes in my life, yet I keep reverting to my old ways. It’s that hard for you to change yourself…and it’s a million times harder for you to change your boyfriend’s mother.

Remember this when you’re reading through my tips on how to stop your boyfriend’s mother from ruining your relationship: your boyfriend’s mother doesn’t feel the need to change what she’s doing.They have a special, unique connection that you must respect – even if you think their relationship is unhealthy, controlling, or even destructive.Focus on your relationship with your boyfriend, not his relationship with his mom.If your boyfriend isn’t changing how he interacts with his family, it’s not a sign he doesn’t love you.His family dynamics have been going on for decades – since before your boyfriend was even born!

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Relationship patterns like that aren’t easily broken.

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