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If we are talking about a new building to fill in a gap in a row of houses, I believe one should strive to create identical copies of what once existed on the site.The building below, in Didzioji g here in Vilnius, in my opinion is a good example of exactly that.Friedrich Restaurant features Mediterranean dishes and select wines.

Fortunately, there are still ancient urban districts and buildings throughout the country that remind us about what a proud and powerful identity Lithuania had in the past.The city wall was built between 15 for protection from the attacks by the Crimean Khanate at the beginning of the Muscovite–Lithuanian Wars.The stone and brick wall was a key element of the defensive system of Vilnius, and was paid for by the city's landowners. Only a small part of the city wall remains today, and only one gate is still intact.After only 50 m you will see the beginning of a very, very special street, a little-known street in Vilnius, but what a very special street is this not…I had seen a lot of great architecture around the world before I came to Lithuania more than 20 years ago.

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